December 29th, 2022

Michelle Lindblom
2 min readDec 26, 2023

The Transition

December 2023, photo taken by Michelle Lindblom

She entered the final epilogue of

a physical being mired in pain.

A mind immersed in grief

longing to be anywhere but in

its present state of being,

a slow, conscious and unconscious descent.

Having to let go without being in her presence before

taking that last breath

left me with a deep and raw sadness.

Along with a heavy dose of guilt

that had been living off the

perceived expectations lodged in my mind.

Assumptions associated with being the eldest daughter.

That same guilt I sheltered

driving away waving and watching

her in my rear view mirror.

She was standing alone in the driveway

of a home I was moving

from to a new chapter in my life.

All the while longing for the

previous chapter in her own life before dad died.

The desertion on her face etched hauntingly in my soul.