CA Interstate 5 (South), photo by Michelle Lindblom

Driving Behavior Is a Powerful Barometer

You Are How You Drive

Michelle Lindblom
6 min readOct 19, 2023


Recent fatal driving behavior during a 48 hour period killed 6 people on several Central Oregon highways close to where I live. One accident involved someone going over the centerline (two lane highway), sideswiping a semi and trailer, then striking a Toyota Rave4 which exploded, killing two adults and their teenage children. This led to a four hour closure of a main north and south corridor in Central Oregon.

Another fatal accident involved a driver navigating a corner too fast crossing over the centerline, striking another driver head on, killing the second driver. Clearing the area took three hours.

A man was run over by a Chevy Suburban while lying in a lane of U.S. HIghway 97 within Bend, OR. The police are investigating whether the man was dead before being run over. This main thoroughfare through town was closed for 3.5 hours.

Speed, situational unawareness and lack of alertness. Bad driving behavior that led to these fatalities.

Early Lessons in Driving Behavior

When learning to drive and years afterward, Mom always talked about watching out for the others because you never know what they may or may not do. Be defensive and anticipatory, even if you are doing everything right. Great advice and not just regarding driving.

Mom’s wise words led to my pretty stellar driving record regarding accidents with the exception of a couple minor mishaps. One in which I was driving my mom’s baby blue Ford pinto (yes, the ugliest car ever built). A young driver failed to stop and ran into the pinto’s driver’s side toward the back. Neither of us were hurt, just slightly traumatized. The other driver apologized for not stopping, but changed her tune when her parents and the insurance company got a hold of her. Claimed I tried passing her on the right side. Both ludicrous and false. Rather than face the truth about their daughter’s dismal driving skills they placed the blame on someone they did not know.

How could someone lie about me in this way?

Since that early driving incident, I have been ever vigilant and suspicious of anyone else on the road (as well as other areas of life).