Living Creatively

It’s Not Just for Artists

Michelle Lindblom
3 min readMay 27, 2024
Emerging Roots, acrylic by artist Michelle Lindblom

There is a plethora of misinformation about what it means to be creative and that only artists have a corner on that market. Yes to the former and nonsense to the latter.

As defined in the dictionary, creativity transcends traditional ideas, rules, patterns, and relationships. It is creating meaningful ideas, forms, methods, and interpretations using one’s imagination to be original and progressive.

Do only artists have imaginations? I think not.

When I tell people I’m a visual artist, the response usually is, “Oh, I can’t even draw a straight line.” Really? Is that what you think about when someone says artist?

First, there are rulers to help create straight lines. Second, do you see any straight lines in my work? Do you see straight lines in nature? No. And is being able to draw a straight line creative or artistic? That’s a “hell no.”

Straight lines are only necessary if you are constructing houses, bridges, or other structures that need square corners. And even then, it may not be required. The famous artist Gaudi comes to mind. He chucked the traditional straight-line concept of architecture right out the window.

To give a little personal history, I always thought my artistic abilities were unique in my family…