Personal Transitions and Dog Parenting

Michelle Lindblom
6 min readApr 19, 2024

And Reasons Why I No Longer Want the Responsibility, I Think

Sophie 11 yrs, on the patio, 2021

Recently, I became an official member of the Medicare cohort. As I transition, my thoughts run counter to what is considered the norm, which is nothing new in my world. I’ve often acted and thought about things in direct opposition to standard operating procedures. I am an artist after all and will continue to write about it as I feel the need to send those contrary thoughts out into the universe.

And usually with Medicare, retirement is right around the corner. Albeit for me, as an artist, retiring is not a concept I embrace because creating is a lifelong endeavor from which I will not need to retreat.

Slow down and focus more on what moves me, yes, retire from, no.

On the other hand, my spouse just left 35 years of practicing medicine (which doesn’t include medical school and residency — add 12 years). He had planned to wait until he turned 65, but the system got to him six months before that goal.

Winter was not the optimal time to leave his full-time career, especially since there was no trip planned to a sun-drenched location. The weather was not on his side where we live, which prevented him from exercising his love of the outdoors and golfing. Add to that, our aging Weimaraner who needs constant attention.