Silence is Golden In a World Full of Noise Pollution

Michelle Lindblom
5 min readAug 20
Silence is Golden, photo taken by Michelle Lindblom 8–12–23
Silence is Golden, photo taken by Michelle Lindblom

Too Much Meaningless Chatter

Talking does not need to take place for us to listen and communicate. Matter of fact it often gets in the way. We are constantly wrestling with our monkey mind, not to mention those gnarly conscious thoughts we carry with us everywhere. A compilation of trash talk from everyone we ever came in contact with.

We bring this on ourselves.

And it’s not just the negative talk that drags us down. It’s the false positive reinforcement used to make us feel better or to manipulate our behaviors. Neither situation moves us closer to ourselves and who we are deep down. It’s all noise and the older I get, it becomes damn annoying.

Words, soundbites, opinions, man/womansplaining, one sentence summaries are strewn about like the garbage. There seems to be little regard for those on the receiving end (including ourselves). The purveyor of these word tornados don’t give a damn if what they spew is consumed in any meaningful way.

I know this, because I have sent this garbage out into the universe as revenge, passive aggression or just to cover up my own insecurities. Thankfully I usually send these rants to my journal or channel them through my art.

Because, yes, I am one of those people that does not want to hurt the feelings of others. No matter what they did or did not do to me.

To me, actions speak louder than words.

Talking and the Disconnect

When I am on a rare talking roll, it usually involves talking about creating art, writing, and/or a deep philosophical dive with my daughter. Everything flows from within the soul through my voice and out into the space I am occupying. A rare, but inspiring occurrence.

Do you find that when you talk there is a disconnect with your inner self? I notice when people are nervous or angry or excited, their emotions often usurp what is trying to be conveyed. I include myself in this passionate company. Yes, we are talking, but do we really hear or feel deeply what we are saying? Are we blathering on to please or impress others? Do we mean what we say? Or are we afraid our words or thoughts are too raw for public consumption…

Michelle Lindblom