The Dichotomy of Aging

And Not Following the Circus

Michelle Lindblom
5 min readJun 16, 2024
Me, Sophie and Doug on the Oregon Coast, October 2023

Turning 65 has forced me to face some realities that seem to be lurking in the wings, ready to reveal themselves or to punch me in the face.

The power of suggestion is strong when one hits this milestone, (as with many others). Let’s take the Welcome to Medicare appointment, for example. A doctor’s visit where they schedule a plethora of tests to see what may have been missed before turning this magical age. You know, the things you thought were stable or not an issue, yet suddenly become one or two or three.

I have always been healthy and never spent any time in a hospital except for the birth of my daughter, which was one night. She was born before midnight, and I was out of there the next day. I’ve never experienced injuries, surgeries, or complications of any kind. My vertigo is the only affliction I have had to deal with that makes me feel like I want to die as I hover over the commode for twelve hours or more.

I am fortunate to have a physician spouse who has helped keep me on the healthy track for over 35 years. I don’t give him all the credit, but he has always given me solid advice, and more importantly, he walks his talk.

So, back to the Medicare Wellness check. The nurse announced she would give me the standard memory test for the 65 and older…